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Hydraulic Shearing Machine , Press Brake Manufacturers - About us

NuGEN Machineries Limited, is a leading manufacture and exporter of ‘Trimans’  Hydraulic Press Brake (viz. Conventional Hydraulic Press Brake, NC Hydraulic Press Brake and CNC Synchro Hydraulic Press Brakes) and Hydraulic Shearing Machine (viz. Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shearing Machine, NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine and Extra Edge Hydraulic Shearing machine) and other sheet metal working machines in India, since the year 1982. The manufacturing facility is based in Changodar near Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, approximately 500 kilometers north of Mumbai with a strength of devoted 100 employees, out of which 15 are qualified Engineers. Nugen is an ISO 9001 certified company and had exported to 15 countries like USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, UAE and many more..

Nugen comprises of technocrats and professional directors, who work full time in various functional areas such as Product Design, Innovation & Improvements, Marketing, Contracts Execution, After-sales Service, Quality Control, Finance and Customer Supports, according to their area of specialization and core competence.

Nugen has pioneered and introduced the Rear Cylinder Hydraulic Press Brakes in India, The company has also designed and manufactured variable Rake Hydraulic Shears with in-house R&D efforts and has installed nearly 1,700 Press Brakes and Shears in India and abroad. Nugen has also successfully designed and manufactured Special Purpose Presses and plants for manufacturing SAW pipes (Press Cap. 1500MT X 6000MM), Hydro. Tube Tester, Extrusion Presses (500MT) and Welding Electrode Plants.

Marketing Network ::

NuGEN has Regional Marketing Executive in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai to take care of marketing and service support in the respective regions.

Facts and figures related to the Company ::

  • Year of Inception: 1982                
  • IEC Code No.: 0891007806
  • Factory Area: 50,000 Square Feet

Memberships and Affiliations ::

  • Indian Machine Tools Manufacturers Association (IMTMA)
  • Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC)
  • Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI)*
  • Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA)

Key Persons ::

  • Samir Merchant, Managing Director
  • M. D. Chauhan, Director
  • N. R. Badrakia, Vice-President (Technical)
  • A. A. Chandavarkar, Vice-President (Marketing)
  • Mrs. L. S. Merchant, Vice-President (Finance)

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